Composting 201: Hands-On Fun

Originally published  JUNE 12, 2017 

The time has come to get your hands a bit dirty. Your kids will encourage you and then you will probably discover what so many have before you: there is something very soothing about playing in the garden, growing things.

Compostpalooza is the annual celebration of turning unused portions of uncooked vegetables and fruit and a few other household waste items into a rich food for your garden.

Few things in life can be as rewarding as a free item that gives YOU a benefit.  We at Zero Waste McMinnville want to help you learn about one of the basic tools you have at your disposal.

Right now you might actually be throwing away, those scraps of lettuce and carrots and whatever you have when you make a salad. Those stem ends of tomatoes, of zucchini, of eggplant. The left over coffee grounds. The tea bags or tea leaves. The hair that you find in your brush. The lint in your dryer. compost sign

Time to stop that. First of all, it can be collected curbside by Recology in their Yard waste pick up.  The Greenlands section of Recology makes compost from these scraps and more. Rich compost you can purchase to be delivered to your property for your gardens. DSC_0082

Or, you can make your own.  That’s what we want to help you learn to do.

And there will be a petting zoo also. Have the kids bring you to the Community Gardens site at 325 NE Burnett Road, just off Baker Road at the north end of McMinnville Saturday June 17 from 10am to 2pm. Compstpalooza sign

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