Time for Vitamin D

This time of year even the most intrepid sunbathers have to agree that the air temperature is not quite warm enough for stripping down, but there are ways to enjoy the sunshine AND feel great!

  • Go for a walk and bring a trash bag. McMinnville rarely has trash along the streets, but it happens.  So wear a pair of gloves and pick up that trash to improve the visual appreciation of our city. Remember to sort when you get home to put the trash in your trash barrel and the cans and bottles in your recycling bin.Image result for pick up roadside trash
  • Take a look at your yard and set some goals for sunny days.  Get the rake out and clean out the leaf debris from areas where it will impede your flower beds. Pick up loose twigs and branches that have fallen over the winter. These can go into your yard debris barrel that Recology will haul away.
  • Trim back bushes and shrubs. Pull the weeds that don’t belong. Those also go into the yard debris box. What? You didn’t order one yet?  Call (503) 472-3176 or go to  the Recology Website to sign up.
  • It’s still too early for seed starts or seedlings. Basically, if it’s too cool to sunbathe, the soil is most likely too cold to help nurture growth.  But the time is coming so you might want to start them indoors or, if you have one, a greenhouse or high tunnel. Here is the OSU reference for planting and here’s the one for the Old Farmer’s Almanac.
  • You know how much better things grow if the soil is full of nutrients?  Order some compost from Recology to be delivered to your home and then mix in your gardens!  Enhanced microbial activity and added nutrients to the soil
    • Increase drainage in clay soils and water retention in sandy soils.
    • Stimulate leafy growth and succulence.
    • Promote strong root systems and build disease resistance.
    • Revitalize old soils and clean up chemical contamination.slide1.jpg


  • And finally, once things warm up –and they will (we’ll probably be complaining about how hot the summer is later) —a top dressing of some bark or mulch can help keep moisture where it is needed-in the soil. Recology has a variety of products to customize your beds.landscape-banner.jpg

Enjoy our Willamette Valley weather, however it acts. It’s all good!

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