Focusing On The Goal

Dreamers who get angry just enough that so many just can’t see what is right in front of them.  These are the ones who understand just what a precious place our home in space is, this Earth. And these are the ones who also understand that others do not have that enlightenment about our environment, and so they decide to teach.

Farmers who work the soil to produce nutritious food know the real dirt.  These are the ones who understand just how important clean water is, how the soil must be clear of toxins, how activity on their piece of land affects the land around it.

Children born and yet unborn whose health depends on clean air, clean water, clean food deserve us to sustain a healthy environment.   These are the ones who will be affected with toxicities in the air, water and soil, and whom we have a duty to protect.

Skeptics who shrug and say they are just one person in a sea of stubborn habits. These are the ones who sometimes learn well with carrots (information explaining the benefits of a change in sustainable behavior). And these are also the ones who might need the stick to learn, persuading them to make the small effort to change.

Drive-through and take-out convenience store eaters who have lots of stuff to sort properly. These are the ones who understand which wrappers and containers can be recycled and which, unfortunately, will end up at the landfill. And these are also the ones who refuse to take the few seconds to sort and thereby send more to the landfill, causing our trash service fees to possibly increase.

Businesses who reduce the size of the packaging and switch to recyclable or compostible materials are seeing reduced packaging costs overall. These are the ones who are willing to consider a change to new materials as not only a resident of the Earth but recognize a popular marketing move also.

People who appreciate the beauty of McMinnville and the surrounding countryside probably also feel that each and every time they drive home from Portland.  These are the ones who know that litter is an eyesore and so carry their trash home for proper sorting. These are the ones who go the step further and pick up any litter they see.

People who get it, who understand each of us is a tiny but important part of the Whole and we each can help by making sustainable choices.  These are the ones who pitch in, maybe one event a year or maybe more. These are also the ones who can’t personally work on the programs but can help be Sustaining Circle members who can add financially to support the activities.

All these and also you. We can make Zero Waste McMinnville zero waste by 2024!!!



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