The Magic of Second Life

Nope, not talking religion or anything spiritual here. I’m talking about RE-USE.

Re-use is finding another way to use something that no longer serves its original purpose in your life. In our casual life, not caring about how we affect the environment, we might tend to just “throw away” the unneeded item.

But the enlightened individual (okay, maybe there is something involved here that has to come from your heart and core) understands that there is no “away” when we no long want something.

What to do? re-use

Zero Waste McMinnville is going to offer an opportunity for 20 people or groups of people. At our Compostpalooza event on Saturday, June 16th, we will be holding a Second Life Flea Market. For a rental fee of $20, you may set up a table and sell items that are in clean/good/usable condition that you no longer need. You may charge what you want, but you must take any items that do not sell out with you when you leave.

Compostpalooza will be held at the Grange (1700 SW Old Sheridan Rd, McMinnville, OR) with the Second Life Flea Market located inside the lower level. The farmers’ market is located outside at that time of year so there will be lots of people coming to the Grange for the market as well as the Compostpalooza event.

There will be a table and 2 chairs available for each person who wants to grab this opportunity.  Time of the market is 10-2 so set up will start at 9am.

If you are interested in participating, contact me to reserve a spot. Second Life flea market poster

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