Do You Vote in Local Elections?

Monday, October 1st, instead of a regular meeting, Zero Waste McMinnville is sponsoring a McMinnville City Council candidate forum open to the public. It will run from 5:30-7pm in the Carnegie Room at the McMinnville Public Library.  Plenty of parking.

We have invited all the candidates. As you know, the town is divided up, so you may have only 1 (a few positions are unopposed) or 2 candidates running for a position for your section of town.

We at Zero Waste McMinnville need a good working relationship with City Council so are interested in hearing their views on the zero waste mission as well as many other issues important to people living in McMinnville.

All people entering will have the opportunity to submit a question that will go into the program to pose to the candidates, as much as time permits. When you enter you will be handed an index card and a pencil for that purpose. The questions will be scanned to eliminate duplicates and to defuse any strong language that may be written.

This is an information session. We hope you will attend in order to become a more informed voter. Please copy and share this meeting notice with everyone you know who lives in Mac.



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