Want to Talk about New Ideas?

You may not be on Facebook. You may have sworn that there is no way you are EVER going to waste your life looking at photos of kittens.  You may have heard that people have stopped talking to family members because of political arm wrestling.

All that can be true.

However, the very definite benefit to checking into Facebook at least once daily is that you can learn a lot about Zero Waste. Not only activities and events that the group is planning but things that are going on around the world!!! facebook ok

And then, the best part: discussion.  People who are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, or at least supporting efforts made by others, are adding their comments and their excitement.

What are people talking about?

Well, yesterday I posted (about the 4th time in 6 months actually) a story about grocery shopping without packaging.  Over 250 people read the post and almost 80 of them read the article. Best of all, several people responded with comments!

“A week or so ago I posted an article about package free shopping and there was a lot of interest here in McMinnville. Please respond this time telling how often you use the bulk bins. What appeals to you? And do you make a special trip to Winco, for example, to shop their extensive bulk bin selection?  https://www.specialtyfood.com/…/uk-supermarket-launches-pl…/

Comments showed how much people would like to be able to use their own jars and other packages for bulk purchasing. The solution to that lies with the store. All we consumers need to do is inform the store manager that we’d like a system to note the tare weight of our personal containers. It is feasible and with enough interest, it can be achieved!!!

Another topic that really jumped off the screen and became a real life endeavor was a post about an artisan fair where the art was actually made from items that were heading for the trash. Well,  after posting a follow-up to ask if there was interest here, I was bombarded by at least 30 people in the region who wanted to know when the fair was scheduled! First things first, a committee of six artisans have been working hard and yes, there will be the McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival this spring. Stay tuned for details. 

I posted about Oregon’s adoption of a plan to reduce food waste:  “In the last 2 years, Zero Waste McMinnville and a number of restaurants on 3rd Street participated in a study to measure the kinds of trash (recyclable or compostible or landfill) generated at the restaurants. Collecting compostible food waste is the logical next step from all large food waste producers (including the schools, the hospital and major employers as well as restaurants). And now, Metro Portland has passed an ordinance to have a similar plan in place. https://www.oregonmetro.gov/…/starting-2020-many-businesses… ” Over 280 people saw the article and three people shared it as well. 

We have discussions about

  • Starbuck’s decision to replace their plastic straws with paper straws….wrapped in plastic
  • News about how Recology and other waste haulers are storing our recycled trash while they search for new buyers.
  • Hints on how to reduce personal single-use plastic consumption.
  • And there has been high enthusiasm for our efforts to develop a way to collect Styrofoam and deliver it to Agilyz, a recycler located nearby in Tigard. 

 This blog, as all blogs that we write, will also be posted on our Facebook page. So now, come on, break out of your shell and go see what is happening on the page for logo

Go to https://www.facebook.com/zerowastemachttps://www.facebook.com/zerowastemac  and join the discussion!!  And post a photo of some sustainable activity YOU’ve done recently!!

2 thoughts on “Want to Talk about New Ideas?

  • This is soooooo great!!! I’m going to forward it to folks I know are not on our list. In fact… let’s print 120 off and pass them out with our other stuff so that we can show off how with it we (Beth is) are.

    Thanks so much for doing this.

    Ramsey McPhillips Farms Since 1862



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