Styrofoam Collection Starts December 26, 2018

After two years of working on this issue, Annely Germane is celebrating! Amd she deserves her time of pride and we all can celebrate!  You can too! Starting December 26th Recology will be accepting Styrofoam at the Depot. Open hours run 8am – 5pm, 6 days a week.

Recology will have an employee there to help monitor as only acceptable items will be taken. We want this to work and it’s a learning curve for all of us.  Please be patient and know that the program will be expanding.

First, the collection area will NOT be inside the Depot Building. Go into that parking lot, but turn left and drive past the building and through the yellow gate.  There you will be directed to the right location.

Second, there is a one-cubic-yard daily limit per person. This is about the maximum amount allowed.


This is too much!!! Don’t bring this amount all at once please. too much

Finally, for this first phase, only some  Styrofoam blocks of that rigid stuff you receive in boxes to protect the contents will be accepted. Recology will be adding more items as they work out any kinks in the collection process. We will share this information as quickly as possible.

Not yet
Not yet

Zero Waste McMinnville volunteers will be on hand on December 26th to help direct people to the collection area which is just past the depot. Go through the yellow gates and join the party!!!

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