Artist Spotlight: Kathy Benitez and Alaska Sea Glass Art

Archaelogists LOVE trash. By looking at an ancient civilization’s midden piles, scientists can tell us a lot about the food people ate, the illnesses they had, the kinds of materials they used in their everyday life…and so much more.

Kathy Benitez found more than she expected when she visited her daughter last summer in the remote Alaskan village.  “When it was time to leave, the bush plane was delayed by five days for a variety of reasons. It was during this time I started to enjoy beachcombing and picking up the beautiful sea glass.” DSC01463 - Kathy Benitez

Kathy learned that the sea glass was discarded into the ocean over 100 years ago by people departing steamboats and starting their trek up the Yukon for a hopeful fortune in gold. KB2

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the glass at the time, but sent it home and learned how to make wall hangings and jewelry.  I love working with sea glass because it has a story. The ocean has turned trash into something beautiful with gem-like qualities and reminds people of the power and beauty of the ocean.”KB.jpg

Kathy Benitez and Alaska Sea Glass Art is located at Table #4.

2 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Kathy Benitez and Alaska Sea Glass Art

  • A friend of mine would spend hours, during the dark winter days, drilling little sea glass nuggets for earnings and necklace’s. Once you start it can become quite addictive.


    • I think all artists get into this…..they discover something that makes their creativity soar, develop the strategy to make that attractive to the public, and then see how their vision and the public’s reaction meet…..and then modify. But one thing is constant (as I listen to the saw noises in what other wives call a garage) the work effort to produce drives artists continually.


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