Artist Spotlight: Michelle Griffin and One Little Blackbird

About 15 years ago, when needing a planter box, Michelle Griffin thought “why not?” and decided to learn how to use woodworking tools and build it herself. Using scrap wood, she realized she could save money and still create something beautiful. From there her love for the rusty, old, chippy, worn and curious grew.D6D50647-281D-4E69-A78A-985B3EDB6178 - Michelle Griffin

Imagine entering her artist’s workroom and finding buckets of old doorknobs, boxes of window hardware, sheets of tin and sheds full of old, aged beautiful cedar.  What a collection! Michelle finds they “talk” to her,  and the stories they tell help her create a new life for them. 8FCDACAE-6616-470B-BEBB-973076A8E5F3 - Michelle Griffin

She says, “My love for all things old and discarded are lovingly blended to create new uses for items once thought to be trash.” When others see old buckets of paint, cast off window parts and chippy doorknobs, Michelle’s artistic skills  are brushed off and give new life in creating delightful silhouettes and quirky birdhouses. The curvy colorful and functional birdhouses and 2D silhouette artwork are all crafted using recycled   materials and found objects.43B153EA-9095-42B6-913C-D7439767E537 - Michelle Griffin

Check out Michelle Griffin and One Little Blackbird at Table #33.




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