Artist Spotlight: Will Eikleberry and Sawdust Fabrication

In 2003 Will Eikleberry enrolled in the Summit School of Guitar Building in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia with the intention to learn to build acoustic guitars.   In his free time between classes he built a ukulele out of scrap wood from other students’ projects that was otherwise destined for the burn pile.  And so it began……IMG_2005 - Will Eikleberry

Upon graduation he was hired by the Santa Cruz Guitar Company, where he worked for two years before starting his own business. “At one point a friend asked me if I could build an instrument using an old cigar box. Through trial and error I built one, and then another, and over ten years later have sent more than 250 of them out into the world.” And so it continued…….IMG_2206 - Will Eikleberry

There are several reasons Will works with reclaimed materials. Economy is the most obvious. The less he spends on materials, the less he has to charge for his work, and he enjoy putting affordable art into people’s hands.IMG_2212 - Will Eikleberry

He also enjoy the story that reclaimed materials tell. Every piece of wood has a unique history that gives the finished product its own personality.IMG_1655 - Will Eikleberry

And finally, as a woodworker Will is often shocked at how much perfectly good material gets discarded because some people can’t find a use for it. He takes pride in being able to make something both useful and beautiful out of something that would otherwise never be seen again.

Will Eikleberry and Sawdust Fabrication is at Table #30.

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