Artist Spotlight: Valerie Donley and Flotsam & Jetsom


Valerie Donley’s creativity was developed over her lifetime in some way.. from competing in hairstying shows in Detroit, to developing creative programs for children who were facing multiple challenges in their lives.

She grew up in a fairly frugal household. Her parents grew up during the depression so whe learned early on to be resourceful. As Tim Gunn from Project Runway says “ make it work”.IMG_6823

“One of my passions is to use simple ideas about creating while making do. Why purchase fiber batting when using dryer lint will accomplish the same thing? I like to look at an object and visualize what else it could become. That’s how making bracelets from empty tape rolls came to be.” Valerie explains that materials for use are all around us. IMG_7437

We are such a throw away society . If we can begin to consciously think about using less and  becoming practical about how we can reuse what’s already out there our children and grandchildren will be better for it. IMG_7154

Valerie Donley and Flotsam & Jetsom are located at Table 34.

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