Artist Spotlight: Laura Roberts and Deer to Ewe

Deer to Ewe is a husband and wife team who has enjoyed creating jewelry from found materials for five years.    Laura shared, “After 40 years of marriage we saw the need to really simplify but instead of throwing items out we looked at how we could make them into something new and beautiful not only for us but for others.”IMG_5363300 - Laura Roberts

Laura views the items they source as valuable raw material, including antlers and recycled tin/aluminum. “We do it to reduce waste, incur little or no cost to produce (except for time, which we have more of now) and for the challenge and uniqueness.”IMG_7143300 - Laura Roberts

This is just one way they can demonstrate that they care for the earth after all it is the only home we have. “We can enjoy what nature has given us and recycle what is man-made. The earth is beautiful! Let’s keep it that way!”IMG_6267300 - Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts and Deer to Ewe is at Table #21.

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