Artist Spotlight: Jessika Gerondale and Rags & Bones

Taught early,  Jessika Gerondale grew up crafting from whatever was lying around and was taught to be resourceful, both out of necessity and to not be wasteful.Rags + Bones, Refillable Notepads 34 - Jessika Gerondale

“I enjoy using reclaimed materials for a few reasons. It’s more important now than ever to reduce our waste and  the human impact on our planet. Creatively, I enjoy taking inspiration from the materials, rather than the particular medium or technique. I love finding vintage and other discarded items and figuring out ways to give them new life through paper craft, mixed media collage and assemblage, mosaic, embroidery or whatever I feel would be the best way to show off the discarded objects. I love the challenge of using as much reclaimed material as possible while not limiting the ways I create with them.”Rags+Bones, Refillable Notepads 1 - Jessika Gerondale

Jessika uses old paper items to create refillable notebooks, origami style paper bows and gift tags (both reusable), small batch and limited runs of wearable art ( earrings, pins) and mixed media collage/framed art mounted to mismatched plated collected at estate sales and second hand shops.Rags+Bones, What a Dish (5) - Jessika Gerondale

Jessika Gerondale and Rags & Bones are at Table 18.

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