Artist Spotlight: Bryan Baer and Baer Naked Metals

Running a business as  a heavy equipment repair shop, Bryan Baer started noticing all the interesting parts and things they were chucking in the recycling bin. So, about eight years ago he started collecting those interesting parts and started to  weld, cut,  and grind them into a new life. outdoor duck Bryan Baer

Playing with these loose pieces and making something fun is like playing with Legos to Bryan. He realizes his creations will survive many lifetimes more as a piece of art than the part’s original purpose. 83958D48-E2D8-407C-A34C-12667E98DEAF - Bryan Baer

“We make and sell cute and scary animals and creatures using various recycled and found metals.” 282EF1D2-F8B1-4DF0-93F0-2057A0DB5591 - Bryan Baer

Bryan Baer and Baer Naked Metals are at Table #5.

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