Artist Spotlight: Jane Parsons and Totally Bent

1 - Izzy Parsons

Jane Parsons  has always been a crafter though the types of crafts  changed over time and she would learn a new technique when she’d get an idea that needed to be expressed.

“Using “junk” is my favorite medium,” Jane says. “Making something from “nothing” is the most fun and creative  and since you never know what “junk” you will find your creative process is always changing and  your pieces are unique!”4 - Izzy Parsons

Her passion is creating unique jewelry and accessories created from upcycled and repurposed junk; old vacuum tubes, discarded pipe, hardware, etc. Imagine the search and the find: nothing is as rewarding as looking at a pile of discarded junk and seeing beautiful treasures.  “By offering them for sale, I hope I inspire others to look at their “useless” junk with a new vision.”IMG_0011 (1) - Izzy Parsons

Jane Parsons and Totally Bent is elevated at Table #19.

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