Artist Spotlight: Tamara Greiter and Coyote Metalworks

Tamara Greiter’s work consists of recycled metal materials which include old tractor parts, old tools, and gears. To create her abstract sculpture and innovative wall pieces. she uses old school welding, cutting torches and anvil work.A6F0E399-EFFF-4AA1-A559-4F0848452BC1 - Shelby Mills

“I learned how to weld about 30 years ago when I went to welding school to broaden my skills as an employee at a refrigeration rebuild company in Philomath, Oregon. I started out my craft by making small pieces of art with the scrap metal from the shop.”90CDA690-2C66-4931-BC64-F2F5BC9AE623 - Shelby Mills

Within a couple years of working there Tamara also  started dumpster diving and rummaging through junkyards for more interesting pieces. She discovered that taking something that had a previous life and giving it a new purpose was way more fascinating as well as appealing. She’s proud that she  started my craft before the trend of reclaiming because I believe everything has more than one life.A4142D8F-B43B-43F4-9CDD-7EA24F177A71 - Shelby Mills

Tamara Greiter and Coyote Metalworks is at Table #25.


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