Artist Spotlight: Bettie Egerton

Bettie Egerton has always loved all kinds of arts and crafts….sewing, jewelry making, painting, crocheting, and fabric arts.  She has loved the variety and trying new crafts, but the expense of buying the necessary tools, plus materials and supplies  became prohibitive until she decided to find supplies at garage sales and thrift stores. IMG_1290 - Bettie Egerton

“I started buying ugly, outdated clothes and taking them apart to use the fabric, and buttons on other projects.  I learned about repurposing old clothes.  The idea of making aprons out of used men’s shirts is not mine, but I have embraced it whole-heartedly.  I go to the thrift store and only buy shirts that on half price and as I think of all those businessmen who have given up wearing dress shirts and ties because they no longer work, I’m sure they would be happy to see those shirts repurposed and being used as aprons. “IMG_1288 - Bettie Egerton

wine bottles 4 - Bettie EgertonAnd the wine bottles?  A true wine country resident, Bettie quips that empty wine bottles are not hard to find at my house  and when she discovered fairy lights attached to a cork…viola….a new fun decor item was invented. Last Christmas, her house was filled with lighted wine bottles decorated with winter scenes and embellished with pine cones and Christmas ribbon.  Bettie reminds us that they also make great summer patio ambiance lighting. 

“My crafting is my passion and reusing materials that might end up in the landfill just adds to the joy of my hobby.”

Bettie Egerton is located at Table #35.

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