Artist Spotlight: John “Sam” Houston and Papa Sam’s Workshop

John’s initial introduction to woodworking was watching his father-in-law working on his ShopSmith woodworking system. And when he let John try a few things, the die was cast. No issue, when his father-in-law passed, it was decided that John should get the system.

However, it sat for approximately 25 years as  John was working and didn’t have time to devote to it.  Upon retirement he decided to give it a try.   “Soon I was churning out boxes and bowls to the point my wife asked if I could find a way to “get rid” of some of them which led me to the Saturday Market/ Bazaar world.”



Not being wealthy, John looked for materials everywhere.  “My initial source was my firewood pile then when I noticed neighbors  tossing trimmings into the trash, I grabbed those hoping  I could transform them into something useful. Recently a neighbor was replacing a wooden fence that had fallen and was going to toss the old boards. I offered to swap him new boards for the old ones giving me a wealth of 20+year-old weathered planks to use.  They now have a second life as treasure chest boxes or wine caddies.”



John Houston and Papa Sam’s Workshop is located at Table #36.  John is one of the organizers of the festival. 

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