Donation comes down to TIME OR MONEY (or both).


Sometimes, there just is not time to volunteer but you appreciate the effort we are making and want to support it. We need financial contributions to supplement the grants we manage to earn.  We encourage donors to join our Sustaining Circle, and it actually may work better for your own budget to send us a smaller amount monthly instead of a larger amount annually. Either way, we greatly appreciate your contribution!  Click here to go to our safe system. click and pldge

We want to thank our 2017 Sustaining Members. These are people who give whatever level fits their budget but they make this a regular part of their giving. It helps us project some income for our projects.

Daryll & Kim Alt

Diana Anderson

Pat Angland

Racheal Batten

Cathy Beckley

Kathy Beckwith

Marcy Berg

Jeannine Best

Marcia Blevins

Nancy Braun

Sandy Burch

Shannon Carefoot

Rose Marie Caughren

Susan Chambers

Jamie Corff

Renee Crank

Tim & Maggie Cross

Doug & Linda Cruikshank

Beth Dell

Roger Dell

Shannon Spring Dixon

Sid Freidman
Kris Gabrielsen
Annely Germaine
Bev Halverson
Carole Hansen
Linda Hays
Delane Hein
Cheryl Hockaday
Steve Iversen
Gerry Koschal & Julia Staigers
Howard & Elizabeth Leichter
Gloria Lutz
Amanda Marshall
Patriciafaye Marshall
Rita Martinez-Salas
Bernie McGinnis
Paula McKay
Ken Moore
Melinda Moorefield & David Hanson
Teresa Morton
Kristen Muldoon
Susan (Day) Neidhardt
Lara O’Brady
Meghan O’Flaherty
Twana Parker & Clay Renfro
Denise Patton
Jill Poyer
Graham & Beth Rankin
Judy Spinner
Bill Rizer & Carolyn Thompson-Rizer
Mark & Jennifer Trumbo
Mark Vernon
Susan Watkins
Vicky Wilbanks
We also want to thank the following wineries which provided wine not only for us to enjoy at our Annual Dinner but also for purchase from our Tremendous Table of Wines:
Carlton Cellars
Coeur de Terre
Dominio IV
Elizabeth Chambers
Great Oregon Wine
R. Stuart
Remy Wines
Stoller Family
Walnut Citywall of wine
And also, great appreciation to our area restaurants who provided the food for our Annual Dinner:
Community Plate
Country Thai
The Diner
Golden Valley
Harvest Fresh
Red Fox
3rd Street Pizza Company


As you’ve read, Zero Waste McMinnville is a grassroots effort by volunteers. The core group is pretty small and we would enjoy sharing the joy of achieving our mission with many more people.  There are many tasks to get our message out to the public.


You could dip your toe into the fun by volunteering for a 3-hour shift at one of our events. For example, during the Downtown Farmers’ Market from mid May to mid October, Zero Waste McMinnville sets up bins for Recycling, Composting, and Landfill trash. We help educate shoppers how to correctly sort their garbage.  We have signs with what items belong where so it is not a difficult task, but very helpful to have someone who is comfortable talking to people to help educate them.  There are other events throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. They include UFO Alien Days, Turkeyrama, the IPNC, Bounty of the County, the 4th of July fireworks, as well as the Downtown summer concert series. IMG_2426


We have a number of committees that form to tackle an issue that will help us meet our mission. An active example is the Bag It Better campaign. Last year the committee started to research how other cities had eliminated single-use plastic bags from store check-outs. Discussion with store managers as well as City officials lead to the City of McMinnville adopting a ban on the plastic bags September 1, 2017 from the large stores and March 1, 2018 from the smaller shops. There are other committees dealing with the problem with styrofoam, how to get schools involved, how to design a working system for restaurants and other places that serve food to separate their kitchen waste from other garbage to end up in a compost program, and we are looking at the issues involved with setting up a trade event where people can get rid of working items they no longer need and pick up something they could use.


Other areas we would like to explore but just do not have enough people to develop the concepts:

  • Fix-it clinics
  • Construction debris disposal
  • more