McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival


Read about the artists who will be offering their work at the festival!

#28:  Artist Spotlight: Elsa Dye and Elsa Dye Handmade Jewelry

It’s time for spring cleaning and Elsa Dye is waiting for her friends to call her. She’s happy to take all those decorative metal tins that seem to be everywhere holding treats during the Christmas season. How many do YOU have in your attic/basement/garage?

Elsa first started experimenting with creating jewelry from repurposed decorative tins about five years ago.  Since she always loved tins because of the wide variety of lovely patterns that they come in, Elsa wanted to make something that celebrated that.Elsa_Dye_double_disc_tin_earrings - Elsa Dye

Getting more serious to learn her art medium better, she  further developed her tin jewelry by takings classes in traditional metalworking. Elsa reports , “Taking classes helped me refine my techniques and gave me new ideas to explore in my designs.”Elsa_Dye_rectangle_tin_earrings - Elsa Dye

And Elsa appreciates something more about what she is able to produce. “One of the reasons that I love working with reclaimed goods is because of the the history of the material.  It feels good to have an appreciation for a discarded item that has already led a useful life, and to be able to reshape it into something brand new so that it can  continue on!”Elsa_Dye_hinged_tin_earrings - Elsa Dye

Elsa also loves the ever changing variety of the material.  While she has developed her  style for the repurposed tin jewelry, “no two pieces are ever the same because I am always finding tins with new colors and patterns.  In a world where many things are designed to be exactly duplicated, it is really special to be able to make unique items that are the only one of their kind in the whole world. “Elsa_Dye_hinged2_tin_earrings - Elsa Dye

One amazing aspect of the McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival IS the uniqueness of the art produced by Elsa and the other artists. This is a golden opportunity to think of that special person in your life…..not only is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up soon, but with some careful consideration, you can find an amazing gift for the graduate, the bride and groom, and even for your holiday gift giving.

Elsa Dye and Elsa Dye Handmade Jewelry can be found at Table #28.

#29: Artist Spotlight: Graham Rankin and Creations By BG

logoThe pathways people take early in life may never give a hint about a future activity. Although Graham Rankin  never took wood shop in school, the precise plan drawing he learned in drafting was a component that served as a basic skill. Later, in college he was hired by a crafts store to build picture frames, and another savvy element was added to his repertoire.

Today Graham is enjoying a rather hectic retirement. When he isn’t teaching one day a week for WOU, he helps with the family food processing business and is an active volunteer for Zero Waste McMinnville. Besides helping at events, he is one of the organizers for the McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival.   And in his spare time, he has taken over the garage and turned it into a shop of his own.

Fascinated with wine long before moving to McMinnville, Graham makes jokes about his large collection of corks and the various projects he has produced. He makes frames to enclose simple cork trivets of various sizes, including larger ones with handles to help carry long casseroles and lasagnas from the stove to the table. His champagne cork  trivet helps his wife remember their anniversary!

lasagna tray

Here in the middle of wine country, Graham has expanded his wine woodworking to include elements from a wine barrel, with the staves providing storage in various designs and the barrel top becoming a table. tableaOne of the most popular items Graham designed is a wine and snack tray that can be held in one hand, permitting the holder to also eat. Many people who attend parties can see the benefit of that item! party tray

Graham uses wood from old barns and fences as well as mill ends that are scrap from a cabinet maker.  am pm

He is happy to offer custom work as well. For example, these cutting boards can be customized to show a favorite logo or cartoon character or even a photo.cutting board 2Creations By BG can be found at Booth # 29.


Artist Spotlight: Janet Ronacher and Fiber Design By Janet

Sometimes something completely unexpected causes a life path to take a slight turn in a direction previously unexplored.  Janet Ronacher explains, “I began fusing plastic bags in my artwork after reading that the Hurricane in Haiti destroyed the dwellings of residents.  The monsoon rains that continued after the Hurricane horrified a Bend woman who decided to get her friends together to iron 10’ x 10’ tarps to give the Haitians some shelter.  I have never met the woman but I was so impressed with her can-do spirit as she sent many tarps to Haiti.”

And so, a seed was planted and Janet started to explore this new concept. After thinking about the woman in Bend and dreaming about the possibilities Janet started experimenting with small bags.  That included layering bags, ironing them
together until she had roughly a 12” x 24” piece of plastic that she could cut into strips and weave as baskets. C870E4A5-C23F-4414-8FD8-E8ABFFBEB9EF - Janet Ronacher

“I was surprised that the bags I had were not  enough to really work as I thought they should.  So I asked friends and neighbors for any bags they thought were bright and colorful for me to try.  I was shocked at the number of folks who were delighted to have a use for the bags.  That one basket the size of a 6” x 6” box used over thirty bags. It was difficult to count the bags and keep ironing and then weaving so I never counted again.”AFA5D070-9C87-4D32-957E-46063B6C56D9 - Janet Ronacher

(The difference between Janet and me (and maybe many of you) is that her work is art. Mine, at best, would be “craft”. This is a good time to explain that the jury process was used to separate out the work of people who, while done well, just did not reach that level of art we hoped to introduce to the public. Janet’s ability to take one of the biggest contributors to an environmental mess on our planet and produce something attractive and even functional is a talent that many do not have.)03B65C2A-E731-4A0D-9547-425A833F8C59 - Janet Ronacher (1)

“I feel good about using reclaimed materials as my medium since it is so plentiful and I feel compelled to keep as much as possible out of the oceans, waterways and food supplies of animals and humans.  I have read that plastic never really goes away and that it has a half life of over 400 years. Yes I might run out of materials eventually and my work will someday become waste also.  In the meantime I will continue to save the environment one bag at a time until scientists and engineers find a better alternative.”3542AE58-7144-4295-9F32-EFBB90327938 - Janet RonacherJanet Ronacher and Fiber Design By Janet will be located at Booth #31.


Why and How?

Zero Waste McMinnville and the Linfield College Sustainability Program are honored to present the inaugural event of the McMinnville Recycled Arts Festival Friday and Saturday, April 26th and 27th, 2019. Located inside the bright and airy Nicholson Library on the Linfield campus off SE Keck Circle, the public shopping hours will be 10am – 4pm both days.

Our mission is to not only help the public access the work of some of the most accomplished artists in the Pacific Northwest, but to learn how “garbage” can be re-used/reclaimed/repurposed and otherwise recycled into both useful items and amazing art.

While artists will be selling items priced from $1 to over $1000, we are requiring the work of the participating artists to be juried prior to being accepted into this event.  This  means the organizers have established several standards that all vendors must meet or exceed.

  1. At least 65% of all components must be items that were destined for the trash or, if natural, decay. For example, an artisan presenting fabric art would have obtained fabric and trim from used sources, but the thread would be new.
  2. A higher quality of work is required for adult vendors. We appreciate the effort made by all crafters but are aspiring to a more finished artistic treatment in this festival while still offering all prices to the public.

If you are an artist who would like to participate in this or subsequent festivals, please email jpegJanuary 9, 2019

Applications are beginning to be emailed to various artists and artisans already identified through seasonal crafts fairs held the past few months as well as through contact on various social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.

Click here is you want an Application  A nonrefundable $10 fee must be sent at the same time in order to kick off the jury process. All instructions are given in the application.

If your work is accepted, the table/space rent is then due. The $10 jury fee will be applied to your space fee.