January 7th Presentation: New Recycling!!

Leslie Lanzar, the Recology employee who provides liaison with Zero Waste McMinnville and is also Recology’s representative to the Oregon Green Schools Program, spoke to the community on Monday, January 7, 2019, kicking off ZWM’s first monthly information session. About 100 community members came to hear the newest information about what is acceptable as recyclable material in McMinnville.


Leslie’s presentation included the following. For more information, please go to the What Bin and the Recology websites  . plastic

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not in comingle metal


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not recycled glass

Sheila Barnes, a community member who attended, wrote up a synopsis for the Next Door McMinnville website:

Recology meeting

I attended the Recology meeting last night at the McMinnville library. I posted about what I learned on a Yamhill group FB page and thought to cut and paste this for this Nextdoor Neighborhood group. Some of the information is redundant as it has been shared previously on this site, but I believe there will be some new information to share. I hope readers find it helpful.

“As a new citizen of McMinnville, I attended the Recology informational meeting at the McMinnville library yesterday evening. It was very informational – and entertaining! If you contract with Recology to pick up you garbage, recycle, glass and perhaps yard waste, you should have received the brochure pictured here.

december 2018
Good as of January 2019

Zero Waste McMinnville is a fairly new group of volunteers whose main goal is to educate the community with the goal of dramatically decreasing what ends up in landfills. Their Facebook page is: Their website is:

Points I noted during the meeting: – Only #6 Styrofoam is accepted at Recology. For McMinnville residents, there is no cost. For Yamhill County residents, there is a a $3.00 charge. There is no bin to put the styrofoam. You must drive to a different part of the recycling facility, looking for the sign and then ring the bell for an attendant. The styrofoam cannot be left – it MUST be handed to an attendant. Be sure the material is styrofoam. Some things look like styrfoam, but are actually plastic. Styrofoam is stiff – not pliable. Styrofoam comes in many colors – not just white. – Some food plastic containers can be recycled. Those with solid lids (but NOT the lid). Wash out the container before recycling. – The motto is: “Empty, Clean and Dry”. Rule of thumb: No items smaller than a tennis ball. Do NOT put items in plastic bags in the recycle bins. Loose or in paper bags only. – You cannot really go by the #’s found on containers. If you have questions about whether an item is recyclable or not, call Recology. (503-472-3943)

Yard waste CAN include fruits and veggies. But ONLY raw. No cooked food items can be recycled. 

Paper envelopes or food containers that have a plastic or metal lining, can be recycled. But ONLY if the non-paper material can be separated from the paper. – Great hint about metal cans. Wash out the can. Place the metal lid inside the can. Stomp on the can to make it flat. This way you can recycle both the can and lid, and no worries about getting your hand sliced if you reach into your kitchen garbage can.

Coffee AND coffee filters ARE recyclable. OR use the coffee for your own compost! (An audience member shared that reusable Keurig-type coffee pods are available, but I have not yet researched this.)

*Recology is planning on holding more informational meetings. Check the FB page for Recology Western Oregon for updates: /recologywesternoregon/

**Another excellent (and new) source is This site is in its infancy stage but there are plans for event calendars, blogs and other resources.

***Zero Waste McMinnville is actively looking for volunteers. Areas they are looking for volunteers are: – Construction and Demolition Recycling – Food Waster – convincing businesses and schools to compost left over food rather than sending it to the landfill – Styrofoam recycling – “Green Schools” – educating students about recycling – Special events – helping at informational booths at farmer’s markets, fairs, & annual events held in McMinnville and Yamhill County – Public Relations and Social Media – Fundraising I hope this information proves useful. If you have questions, want to learn more or want to volunteer, call Recology or message the admin for the Zero Waste McMinnville FB page.”img_3627

DECEMBER 26, 2018: Styrofoam recycling starts at the Depot in McMinnville!!!!!

Bring your clean white blocks of Styrofoam to the Depot where an attendant will confirm it is the right kind of polystyrene for this first phase of the project. Not everything that will eventually be accepted is allowable now. This is a slow but steady project that will expand from household participation to commercial users and will also expand to include other #6 polystyrene we all get in our homes as well.  


Spring 2018 Recycling Changes

As of April 2018 there are new rules about what items can be put in the Recycling bin for curbside pick-up.  Items that are accepted include plastic milk containers, aluminum drink cans, cans used for food, aluminum pie plates and other aluminum baking pans, plastic bottles like the kind your laundry detergent comes packaged, and other small plastic bottles.  Newspaper, envelopes, office paper, cardboard, cereal boxes and cardboard egg cartons are also collected.


Redcology recycle poster
This is no longer the most accurate up to date chart. Look above for the “Good as of January 2019” chart. 

Milk cartons and other beverage cartons that are coated, plastic drink cups, paper plates with a shiny coating, light bulbs, plastic toys are all not accepted.

You still can go to Recology to drop your other items as before including glass (if you don’t have curbside pick-up), oil, electronics and more.