Artist Spotlight: Zoe Wylechenko and Zoe Jones Designs

Zoe Wylechenko is a fashion designer and is bringing two very vibrant concepts to the festival. She’s been doing some version of sewing from used clothing since high school in the mid 80s.  Zoe loves shopping secondhand and feels it truly is amazing the things that you can find that someone was finished with.  Many of the items still have so much purpose and Zoe says it feels great to give it a new life, using her imagination to recreate something versus letting it just go wasted and end up in a landfill.

Zoe continues, “Another thing I love is patchwork.  My grandmother was an amazing seamstress and creator of hand sewn quilts for her family and friends.  Her talent of combining colors, textures and fabrics was an inspiration and I believe I was lucky enough to glean some of that.”

Fingerless gloves are made entirely by repurposing old sweaters. Zoe searches secondhand shops, the bins, garages sales or wherever for the best quality of wool and cashmere sweaters. Then she washes them, cuts them open to use a the fabric for her gloves. Combinations of strips cut and sewn together to make a one-of-a-kind piece.Gloves - multiple designs - zoe wylychenko

Skirts with pockets are made from secondhand t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and any other clothing item that stretches. Zoe says “I reinvent necklines and cuffs to create the skirt pocket. I combine strips of various colors, patterns, and textures for the end result of a unique and artfully designed skirt. Everything is easy to take care of, comfortable and exciting to wear.”



You can hear Zoe’s love for what she does. ” Reclaimed materials are the best.  Hunting for cashmere and wool in good condition – the thrill is definitely in the hunt.  Going to garage sales, digging in bins, taking donations from friends’ closets – treasures galore!  Something with a stain in it, for me that’s an opportunity to figure out how to use it in a different way.  A moth eaten sweater provides a creative way of patching together pieces that end up making a one-of-a-kind combination.  The warmth and feel of something previously worn and washed up just adds to the aesthetic of my designs.”

Zoe Wylenchenko and Zoe Jones Design is at Table #20.