Artist Spotlight: Marion McMuldren and Art With Elegance

Marion McMulfren’s passion is to challenge herself by taking what many consider ugly or trash and creating beautiful and functional items and eye-catching statement pieces. Using materials in unexpected ways has allowed her to repurpose items even she thought were beyond hope.  She considers the items used in her art are not just recycled but repurposed and reinvented.

“I started out wanting to create a reference to how man impacts nature. This piece weighs 12 pounds!!!!  There is a front and back presentation. The inside of the electronics box is painted to represent an under water environment. The shells hang as if floating in their environment and drifting with the current. Two dismantled bridal bouquets add the hints of the treasures that are harvested from the sea but of course they are man made replicas. The elements from the older bouquet are inside the box for protection.”shells

This is a composition study using circles. Used guitar strings, and circular items on a remnant of a faux leather book cover from the Goodwill Outlet and a Goodwill Outlet frame. circles

A plastic panel from an old computer tower is my canvas here. I use the same Mixed Media techniques which I apply on canvas works. I work at the molecular level and break and reform pigment linkage bonds for different visual effects. An old pants hanger serves as the hook.image2 (5)

“This metal reinforced plaster lamp was avocado and gold. Had the 3’ tall shade which I now use as a canvas drying stand. The lamp weighs 24.8 pounds.  Refashioned with a 7 step finish, retired and a sculptural screen shade. Junk jewelry and old drilled coins. Edison bulb included.”

image2 (6)Marion McMuldren and Art With Elegance are located at Table #16.