Artist Spotlight: Kimberly Morgan and Artwork with Attitude

Ahhh, after hearing about nuns disciplining with rulers for years, it is great to hear that Kimberly Morgan’s eighth-grade teacher, Sister Kathleen Anne, sparked her interest in art.  Specifically, painting with acrylics. And she’s been painting ever since.

“My painting hobby became a bit more serious around 2004 when I began painting wall murals for other people in their homes or offices. I only did a few but it was enough to boost my confidence in my artistic ability.”1033 -

Then in 2009  a magazine Kimberly was reading featured several projects you could make using stuff you may have just laying around. Shortly after that, she happened to be browsing through a thrift store, (one of her favorite things to do), and, she came across a couple of books that talked about repurposing everyday items. This not only got her wheels turning, but it seemed like sparks were literally flying around inside her head. Oh, the things she could make! And paint as well!10a1 -

Kimberly has been a licensed nail tech in the McMinnville area for 32 years. “The economy was not good, especially for those of us in the service industry, around that time, so the thought of using cast-off items to make beautiful things that I could sell to help supplement my income was very appealing. After giving it more thought, I realized, I wasn’t just keeping my costs down, doing something I truly enjoy, it was also helping to keep trash off the roadsides and out of the ever-growing landfills.”IMG_1316 -

“I paint on so many things, reclaimed wood, shovels, light bulbs, flower pots, rocks, gourds and a lot more. If it doesn’t move, I’ll paint it.  It’s a treasure hunt for me every time I go into a thrift store. I love looking for an ugly duckling that is just waiting to be transformed into a beautiful swan.”fc4 -

During the last five years, Kimberly has branched out a little and added mosaics and some clay sculpting to some of her projects. She gets easily bored doing the same things over and over again,  so it’s been fun trying new things and she’s been pleased with most of my results. wE9qaz%5QW6lX21aTIhH9w -

“So, in a nutshell, this is why I use and will continue to use salvaged materials to create a variety of recycled art.”

Kimberly Morgan and Artwork with Attitude will be speaking with Howie Harkema and Speaking Frankly: And How Are We Doin’ later this week. Watch the interview about the Recycled Arts Festival starting Friday. 

Artwork with Attitude will be at Table #14.