Artist Spotlight: Marie Pederson and Color Me Shabby

Life’s turmoils sometimes provide a silver lining. When a family member became ill about five years ago, Marie Pederson and her mother Dorane started working with wood as a way to cope with the stress they were feeling. Marie explains, “We started refurbishing pieces of furniture and then found a love of making signs. We have always loved things that have a history or a story to them. That’s something that we loved about furniture was where it came from and it translated well to barnwood signs. We love the wear and tear the boards have, all the groves and wholes and patina tell something about the wood.”E5311AB2-B555-490D-9ACB-20660BC2DA5C - Marie Pederson

Color Me Shabby uses pieces of old barnwood to create decorative signs. Marie Pederson  loves taking pieces of wood with dings, scratches, knots, and holes to turn it into a beautiful sign for your home.5DF61960-833F-4BBE-B9E4-81FCF0D44BBA - Marie Pederson

The imperfections of the wood are why make it so unique and what makes it worthwhile to work with.700AABBC-AD1B-4EB4-90B9-DAB7EBA20BD7 - Marie Pederson (1)

Our sign wood come from barns that are falling down and crumbling. We take that wood and cut it to size create our signs.Color Me Shabby- Marie Pederson

Marie Pederson and Color Me Shabby is at Table #7.