Artist Spotlight: Peggy LaPoint and Psoup handmade

Peggy LaPoint learned how to sew as a kid, but it wasn’t until she was a working adult that she pulled out a machine that her husband had bought her a few years earlier. It was a basic sewing machine that Rick had seen in the returns section of a store and bought it as a surprise because he thought she might like it.  She had a job that was not enjoyable and she hoped the sewing would give her some joy.

“I had decided to take the machine out and start sewing on it but first I needed to practice, so I went to SCRAP to pick up some inexpensive fabric. I fell in love with the upholstery fabric samples and started playing around with them. Soon I was finding other types of material there and through friends who worked at places where leftover or excess material was going to be thrown out. I have been picking them up for over 15 years now and creating pillows, handbags & tabletop items with them that I sell to boutiques, museum stores and art shows!”6CD48A02-B564-4F06-9C2B-436A3F816344 - Peggy LaPoint

Peggy discovered she loved taking items that would otherwise go to the landfill and turn them into something, not just functional, but interesting and unexpected.  “Every few months I`ll be given something completely different and it challenges me to think of new ideas or designs.”   Former tent awnings get turned into totes, upholstery fabric samples get repurposed into purses and pouches, and theatre curtain liners get transformed into farmers market bags. Each season brings new materials, so many of Peggy’s items are limited-run!375FFB8A-E8D4-461A-9260-24B360A4089B - Peggy LaPoint

Peggy designed her 8-pocket tote to fit into her bike`s saddle bags. The 8 pockets on the outside help to keep all items organized.  Her purses, clutches, handbags and pouches are made from upholstery fabric samples, cut-off pieces of sunbrella and leather scraps (most purchased at SCRAP). Vintage curtain fabrics are used to make purses and she also use photo backdrop with old logos from radio stations to make grocery totes. vinyl banner bags Peggy LaPoint

Peggy LaPoint and Psoup handmade is located at Table #20.